Contech BPO Infrastructure

Our Office

Contech BPO’s office building, including the production floor, has been certified as zone 4 earthquake resistant with all of the necessary safety features. Contech BPO is divided into three well-defined zones (Front Office & Admin, Production, and Network) with protected and non-protected areas.

  • More than 6000 square feet of operational area
  • We operate 24x7 and around the year to suit client needs
  • Fiber optic based leased line for high speed internet connection
  • 24x7 power supply, backup UPS and Generators
  • Servers and Network Equipments are provided with 4 hours backup through Hitachi UPS
  • Nortel Bay stack network Switch based 100 mbps intelligent network
  • Secure VPN, protected by Sonic WALL TZ 300 firewall
  • ID cards for staff security and area access
  • Mobile Phones, PDAs, USB thumb drives, Cameras, etc. strictly restricted
  • Designer furniture and infrastructure
  • 24x7 CCTV Surveillance
  • HIPPA Compliant operation with highly secure environment
  • Adequate storage area with full Security

Highly Secured Firewall

Secured fire wall based network allows the network to connect to the hospital or client servers with a secure VPN and is protected by Sonic WALL TZ 300 (HA) firewalls. The entire network is protected by Sonic WALL's Unified Threat Management, including Gateway Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Intrusion Prevention, and Content Filtering to stop viruses, hackers and other threats. Servers are behind the firewall to protect them from external and internal attacks. User based access rights to optimize internet usage. Secured and dedicated server policy management for different divisions, which is accessible only by authorized team members.


Fiber optic based ISP connectivity. Backup ISP line with a similar setup is available as a failover. Safe ring architecture for redundancy and a SLA with the ISPs provides 24x7 support and a guaranteed 99.9% uptime. Contech BPO provides totally secure SSL, high-level encryption services as per HIPAA privacy policy. With an easy to understand setup, it is possible to have an encryption algorithm measured from 192-bit (low security) all the way up to 256-bit (the highest security, used by banks, stocks, and the US Government).

User Restrictions

Computers have scheduled lock timings for computer screens. Public areas do not have access to the internal network. All users have centrally managed antivirus software for regular updates of virus definitions. Policy based availability of access to internet. Each computer has a unique number and barcode to keep track of performance issues/complaints.

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