Medical Scribing

What is Scribing

Scribes act as personal assistants to physicians and
help them to deliver the best patient care possible.

Doctors wear
Google Glass

Scribes observe
and participate

Patients get
better care

Life as a scribe

Scribes are part of the medical care team. You
work directly with the doctor on a fixed schedule.

Fixed salary

5 day work week

Work the doctor's

Training and career growth

Scribes receive thorough training and continue to learn
as they work with doctors. Career growth is available as
you train other scribes and manage teams.

English writing

English writing training will ensure that you can understand, communicate, and document any conversation between a patient and their physician.

Medical reasoning

Medical knowledge training will give you the skills and information you need to navigate the American healthcare system and provide accurate documentation.


Additionally, medical scribes are trained to have a typing speed of 60 wpm and to be able to easily navigate electronic health record software.

Why Us?

  • Only partner in the Western part of India
  • Rapidly growing division with more scribes
  • Great growth opportunities to potential trainer and management roles
  • A quickly growing and trusted partner in Augmedix