Sheet Music Engraving

Sheet Music Engraving

Since 2008, Contech has built a strong reputation for itself in the field of music engraving and transcription services. Contech provides eminent quality of music engraving in music softwares such as Finale, Sibelius and other client proprietary software programs.

We have vast experience working with composers, publishers and music software companies across the world. Our music team is flexible to adapt to your style and specifications requirements for the detailing of dynamics, accents, system margins, music spacing etc. with a specified layout and template.


  • Sheet Music Engraving
  • Music Typesetting
  • Music Transcription
  • Converting old books and manuscripts to digital files on Finale and Sibelius
  • Music Conversion (Different File Formats)
  • Digital Sheet Music creation
  • OCR Score Proofreading
  • Layouts in applications like PhotoScore and InDesign
  • Getting music scores E-Pub ready

Why us?

  • Our music team has rich experience in digital sheet Music Engraving and Transcription. They have an extensive educational background in Western Music and are well trained in Engraving and Transcription techniques.
  • Familiarity with a variety of software platforms used for engraving and proofreading.
  • Standardized quality process, Production is checked at 3 different levels to ensure quality output.
  • 24x7 availability of our Music Division Team Members.
  • Deliver songs within the stipulated time with a high level of accuracy.